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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Manufacturing

Many people’s jobs have put them, unwittingly, on the front lines of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us know these individuals as the medical providers, grocers and delivery people who are bravely ensuring we have access to necessities like medical care, food and medicines, which are often delivered right to our door. Like these other frontline workers, factory workers around the globe are also doing vital work. But factory workers’ efforts have largely gone on with little public recognition.

Throughout the early and uncertain days of the pandemic, many of these workers continued reporting for duty in an estimated 10 million factories around the world. These mothers, fathers, sons and daughters have been going to work each day to make the food, medicine and millions other things that are necessary to our everyday lives, especially in these challenging times.

Since then, many more manufacturing workers have reported to work, and many others will report in the weeks and months to come.  Originated by Hitachi Vantara, together with Scott MacKenzie at The Industrial Talk Podcast,  has grown into an industry-wide, independent initiative to help factory workers who are powering manufacturing operations around the world get the accolades they deserve. 

We invite all like-minded organizations to join us in honoring frontline factory workers, who are keeping our global supply chains strong throughout this pandemic.